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Every user starts the first month for $500, which is dedicated to cleaning up the accounting and getting the platform set up. You don’t get a dedicated bookkeeper, but some companies don’t need that anyway. You’ll Becoming a Certified Bookkeeper: Step-by-Step Career Guide get access to a full team of bookkeepers with affordable plans that make running your business easier. You also will find a robust mobile app and you can get discounts for paying annually for your membership.

We always offer all our clients the highest degree of privacy and confidentiality. When outsourcing your accounting firm’s bookkeeping, our bookkeeping team will only directly communicate with your firm and never with your clients. We process the documentation we are provided in the manner agreed to and prepare any reports required for your clients on your behalf.

Benefits of outsourcing accounting services

And throughout our relationship, we provide relevant guidance so you can focus on day-to-day operations and feel confident that your accounting needs are covered. We provide bookkeeping, payroll and accounting services across North America (USA & Canada) to a wide variety of clients. We consistently maintain the quality of our services and keep high quality standards for each of the Work Order. Other than checking the outsourced accounting services cost, go over their plans. Upwork is a freelancing marketplace where you can locate and hire freelancers, such as bookkeepers, to help you manage your company’s accounts payable and accounts receivable processes.

Windes has your business covered with a full range of outsourced bookkeeping services in Los Angeles, Orange County, and beyond. We’re a leading accounting firm with over nine decades of providing valuable business solutions. Our Edmonton accounting firm provides businesses from all industries, including the Accounting and Financial sector, customized bookkeeping services and accounting solutions. Avoid the significant investment of hiring full-time bookkeeping staff or the uncertainties of taking on part-time bookkeepers who may leave at the first opportunity of full-time work. Private businesses of all sizes can benefit from outsourced bookkeeping services. Smaller companies may worry that hiring outsourced bookkeepers will adversely affect their revenue, while many larger private companies hire full-time bookkeepers to manage their cash flow.

Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Success Stories

The financial information in the reports you hand over to investors, the IRS, or others must be accurate and complete. Outsourced bookkeeping services use the financial information gathered and organized to develop a strong financial report for your business. Outsourced bookkeeping services are often far more comprehensive than just accurate data recording and bank statement reconciliation. Some, like Windes, offer advisory services for more strategic financial planning such as forecasting or preparing for a merger. In fact, the right strategy includes multiple people, services, and technologies to help address the challenges you’re facing.

At first, your startup may just need someone to manage your accounting software and perform routine bookkeeping tasks. Hiring a local or online bookkeeper is a more cost-effective solution, and you’ll get year-round support with your finances. This means access to invaluable financial data that can help you stay on top of your cash flow and guide your decision-making. Then you can turn to accounting firms and tax professionals for just tax preparation, reducing your overall costs. As a CEO, you didn’t go into business to be a trained financial professional overseeing the books. You want to run your business and focus on the overall growth and vision of the company itself.

What Are the Advantages of Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services?

However, while your outsourcing partner can prepare these statements to save you time and resources, you will likely review them for accuracy before passing them on to your clients. Hiring internally as your business and client demands grow can be a slow and costly endeavor. As a result, many firms turn to outsourcing as a more flexible and cost-effective staffing alternative. Bookkeeper360 doesn’t have invoicing or bill pay services, and the mobile app only works with Xero. You’ll have to use the QuickBooks app if you partner with them on this solution. It’s a bit more expensive than some, but for those who use Xero, it’s the best choice.

What is the best way to outsource bookkeeping?

Hiring a Freelancer

A freelance bookkeeper will be the most affordable option for outsourcing your bookkeeping. Freelancers will mostly likely charge lower rates than firms because they'll have lower overhead. You can expect them to charge you an hourly rate (in the range of $25 – $85) or a flat rate.

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