Clear marketing messaging will help you attract the ideal target audience as applicants for your sober living investment. Remember that drug and alcohol addiction can affect people from any walk of life, gender, or age. With this in mind, prepare that you may have a mix of residents at any given time.

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One challenge of owning a sober home is maintaining a good house manager. The house manager will set the tone for the environment and the success of every resident. Thus, you might consider how you’ll find solid applicants for house managers. In addition, your house manager will set the culture and reputation in the community for your sober living home. Residents take drug tests, attend 12-step meetings and have curfews to keep them on the straight and narrow. State, county, and city governments are increasingly regulating sober living homes, so they meet specific standards.

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In the communal home, residents must pay their own way and may be required to take on more responsibility than they would in a rehab center. For example, members must often pay for rent and sober house hold a steady job or attend school. They must also contribute to the community by helping with chores, taking responsibility for their actions, and respecting and obeying all house rules.

New residents use this phase to fully settle into the daily routine at the home, exercise, and attend therapy sessions. Residents encourage one another and work together to achieve their recovery goals. It is best to avoid friends or family members who encourage or trigger drug use. For starters, consider changing phone numbers to limit contact with them. Adjustments to social life can also involve avoiding places known to contain external triggers and stressors. These friendships create opportunities to offer one-on-one support, counsel, and accountability.

Make Adjustments to Social Life

However, there are significant differences between halfway houses, sober homes, and rehab centers. Selecting the right option for yourself or a loved one will come down to the specific treatment options you may need and the stage of addiction recovery. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires insurance companies of all types to provide coverage for mental health treatment, which includes treatment for substance use disorders.

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